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Creative Crisis Resume

Program Experience (Mac and PC)
Professional Experience

Multimedia/Graphic/Print Design

Project Management
Client/Project History


•  Reliable individual and team contributors, designing training and marketing solutions that address
project goals, increase productivity and reduce costs.
•  Detail oriented project management, leading teams in concept, design and development, while
insuring projects remain on-time and on-budget.
•  Creative and client-focused with over 15 years experience in the corporate and small business arena.
•  Strong liaison when working with vendors and other third-parties.

Program Experience (Mac and PC):

•  Photoshop
•  Dreamweaver
•  PowerPoint
•  Illustator
•  Flash
•  Word
•  Articulate
•  ImageReady
•  Director
•  Excell
•  Sound Forge
•  Acrobat •  Captivate   •  XPress  
•  InDesign •  Breeze      

Professional Experience:

Multimedia/Graphic/Print Design

•  Conceptualize and develop branding, marketing materials such as newsletters, brochures, posters, flyers,
   trade show material, and product inserts.
•  Design and develop web based training modules for customer service reps and sales forces.
•  Implemented and administered project to clear large backlog of maintenance issues in on-line courses which
   resulted in a marked reduction of unproductive classroom time.
   - Collaborated with subject matter experts when necessary to solve existing issues.
   - Proactively instituted an on-line help desk to respond promptly to new issues.
•  Reduce outside vendor costs by creating interactive instructional animations in-house.
•  Perform quality control on finished projects from concepts to completion; including verifying compliance with
specification standards.


•  Free hand (pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, line drawings)
•  Computer based illustrations (Vector and Raster)
•  Storyboarding
•  Cartoon style artwork
•  Animations

Project Management

•  Schedule, assign, track and review work group projects prior to on time delivery.
•  Request, review and submit bids for approval based on quality and cost effectiveness.
•  Conduct Alpha and Beta reviews with customer to assure specifications are met.
•  Serve as the liaison for outsourced projects.


• Professionally execute location, portrait, tabletop and event digital photography including custom lighting, post-shoot photo manipulation and retouching.

Client/Project History

•  First Impressions Security Doors and Gates
•  Videograph
•  Austin Goodale
•  Scott Richardson
•  L. E. Truitt & Associates
•  Adult Care Solutions
•  Qwest Communications (formerly U S WEST Communications)
•  General Dynamics
•  Honeywell Inc.
•  Learning Solutions International (formerly Grassroots Learning)
•  Metal Sculpture by Heidie
•  Universal Technical Institute
•  The Art Institute of Phoenix
•  Allow Card of America, Inc.
•  Murals By Roberta
•  Technovation
•  Evermist Technologies
•  Proswing Golf Academy
•  H&H Graphics
•  Leading Sight Films
•  Morganics
•  iCrossing, Inc.
•  Utopia Leather
•  Inflictions
•  Divinity Tattoo
•  Cubicle Fun
•  Shanghai Guo Fa Software Development, Inc.
•  Circle of Light International
•  Journey Back In Time
•  Hotwire Interactive/Arush Entertainment
•  Oil China
•  Scientific Web Technologies, Inc.
•  What's For Free Technologies, Inc.
•  AsiaDemand
•  Millennium Research
•  ATOP Academy
•  Pacific Manufacturing, Inc.
•  Carl Hoffman

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